• Test your geography knowledge then !


    And impress your English teacher on Monday.

    Just kidding. It can wait until Monday of course.

    Have a nice weekend !

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  •   Not in the theaters any longer, but the DVD is available !



               A group of friends who live in Paris must go on holiday in the house of one of them, but a member of this group gets hit on his scooter. Despite this accident, they leave Paris for their holidays. Hardly arrived, they begin already to quarrel and to have fun. They ignored their friend for they look after their personal problems.  during their holidays  they learn  their friend is dead.

           The moral of this story is that all the little problems of the days are nothing compared to death.


    Alexandre et Corentin

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  • Contrary to what you think, the most usual passwords are the most simple.

    Many people use only one character type (letters or numbers) but the security is not optimal; two or three characters types are advisable.


    Or they are composed of a logical succession of numbers or letters.

    If your password is like this you should change it... NOW !!! (or you will die).



    Some advice in order not to get hacked :

                   avoid short passwords

                   abolish whole words, it's better to invent them

                   ban your own name or the name of your society

                   don't use the same password for all your accounts


    Mot de passe tatoué



    Camille, Céleste and Lucie

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  • Junrey Balawing is a Filipino who stopped growing at the age of two and whose size is 59,93 cm (23,59 inches). 

    The young man entered the record books on the day of his 18th birthday, a birthday that allows it to be officialy recognized by Guinness World Records organization. 

    He dethroned Nepalese Khagendra Thapa Magar, who is 67,08 cm (26,40 inches) tall and proclaimed the smallest man in the world in October 2010. 

    Junrey Balawing is the son of a blacksmith and the oldest of four children, all of normal size execpt him. He lives in the village of Sindangan, on the island of Mindanao (in Southern Phillipines).

    The young man cannot stand long and must be helped to walk. 

    He has the size of a two-year-old baby but he has the intelligence of a man of eighteen.

    Venisa, Marine et Céline.




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  • Maybe you are not acquainted with blogs. If it's your first visit, welcome to "Easy As Pie" ! I'm this blog's webmaster and try to keep it alive by publishing articles on various topics. These articles are either written by students or aimed at them. But of course we hope they will also be a moment of pleasant reading for parents, teachers or any visitors who feel like improving their English.

    Without your comments, our blog may become boring. So, please, react ! Give us your opinion and we'll try to improve the content or answer any questions asked.

    To comment, go to the bottom of the article, and click on "... comments". Your comment will not appear at once, but don't worry, as soon as I have read it and checked it, I'll publish it.

    If you fancy writing your own article, feel free to send one to the adress indicated in blue letters in the left-hand side column.

    You think you're the only one to read this blog !? You're wrong. Click on the map at the bottom of the same column and you'll realise that people read us from all over the world. You'll be able to read where the day's visitors come from.


    Anne Sirot



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  • My students very often complain they don't know enough vocabulary to express themselves. Well the best way to make up for it is to learn some !

    That sounds simple but they don't seem to have found a satisfying method. Here's a video which might help them. My secondes have just finished studying a series of documents on food, therefore these words will certainly sound familiar to them.

    Close the door if you don't want to disturb anyone or be disturbed. Watch, listen, and finally, talk !


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  • The first part of the fourth episode of Twilight was released in theaters in France on November 16, 2011. For 3 years this saga has been a real success in the world especially among teenagers. Twilight 4 Revelation is eagerly awaited by fans around the world because it is in this fourth episode that there will be one of the key moments of the saga: the marriage of Edward and Bella's wedding night on the Isle of Esme and Bella's pregnancy.


    During her confinement she loses a lot of blood and is found close to death, but Edward wanted to save at all costs and is resolved to finally make her a true vampire.


    Review: Our opinion about this film is positive. It was one of the most beautiful of the saga because in this part there is  the wedding ceremony and night and then the baby of Edward and Bella. But in the first Twilight which we enjoyed most was the meeting between these two characters.

    Amandine et Johanna

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  •           I am a big fan of musicals. This movement was born in the twentieth century. It's a mix of drama, song and dance. That’s what I like in the musicals, there are many arts together. It's like watching a movie, but with more art and real actors in front of us.

              I 've bought tickets to see "Cabaret" in January. I did some research on this subject, and I wanted to share it with you.

    Cabaret is a musical comedy from Broadway. It was written in 1996 by Joe Masteroff, directed by Sam Mendes and produced by Stage.

              This essential work, an American production, has been performed for ten years, from New York to Paris in « Follies Bergères », before 350.000 spectators and has been made into a movie in 1972 with Liza Minelli.
              And today, Pierre Lescure, the director of the Marigny theatre (Paris 8éme) has announced the come back of Cabaret!

    It will be performed from 6th October 2011 to 8th January 2012, from Tuesday to Sunday,

    before  making a tour in France.
              This come back is not the only surprise! It’s Emmanuel Moire’s come back too.
    The ex « Roi Soleil » of 2005-2007 has become the Master of ceremony.

              The story is about a young writer who discovers the « Kit Kat Klub », a nightclub. Out there, the pretty Sally Bowles performs with the Master of ceremony. Their goal is to make visitors forget about the current danger,  because this was during the rise of Nazism.

    Well, « Cabaret » will surely be THE show of this year. Run and buy your tickets now and have a nice time ! 
              You can book your tickets on this website:   http://www.agendaspectacles.fr/theatre-1073-Theatre-Marigny.html






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  • My students are definitely pretty much into fashion ! Two groups have chosen to write about it. I don't know whether they're fashion addicts, but they seem to be keen on blue chips ! 


    Baptiste GIABICONI,  when his dream became reality.


           Baptiste was born on the 9th November 1989, in Marignane ( South of France ).  His childhood was not as easy as we may think. 

             He grew up in Corsica, then in Marseille.When he was younger, he was uglier than today. We may think that his beauty quickly opened all doors. But he didn't feel good about himself: his face was marked by puberty. Later, he wanted to take care of himself, in order to become handsome. He decidedto go to the sports club every day. Step by step, he perfected himself. 

              In January 2007, in the corridors of his sports club, in Marseilles, he met a client who advised him to get into the modeling and directed him to a photographer in Marseilles. 

              Baptiste made a photo book, then he moved to Paris to canvass modeling agencies. In 2008, Karl Lagerfeld selected him to become Chanel's new face. 

              In just two years, he became number one male model in the world. Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, L'Officiel ... all the magazines want him and Americans say : ” Baptiste is the most handsome man in France since Alain Delon.” 


    Credits: abaca. http://www.purefans.com/fiche/karl-lagerfeld_e795/medias/baptiste-giabiconi-et-karl-lagerfeld_i257913

      Jeanne, Julie et Sarah.










              Chanel is a French fashion house. Chanel was founded by couturier Gabrielle  CHANEL , Coco . Today  the company is owned by Alain WERTHEIMER and Gerard WERTHEIMER .



              The first Chanel store was opened in Paris in 1909. At the beginning it was a hat store. And  in 1912  Coco CHANEL developed her activities. Then she became more famous thanks to the creation of perfume N°5 in 1921. Indeed she became famous all over the world.

    In 1971 when Coco Chanel died,  Karl LAGERFELD was her successor.


              Today, the turnover has reached 1,8 milliards euros. 





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  • An American actress explains to you how to speak English with a French accent !


    (Thank you to http://lewebpedagogique.com/helpdesk/ where I found this video.)

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