• John Grape


    4 concerts in Reims (too late for one of them already...) Don’t miss the others !

    They will take place in Reims Public Libraries.

    Click HERE and you’ll get more information.          FREE


    And if you enjoy one of these concerts, or all of them, please send us an article ! We'll publish it.


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    There are many dictionaries you can use at the school library. But sometimes, at home, you're busy on your computer, and there's no room to open a big book next to you. Or you think a dictionary is expensive.

    Then you can go to:


    to get a translation from French into English, or from English into French. You just have to type the word that's puzzling you and choose a dictionary, then click "Enter". That's it !

    Or you can go to:


    Choose your source on the left. You may get a synonym, some quotes containing the word you're looking for, its pronuncitaion in British or American English, and many other things !

    That's a much better idea than using translation engines.