• When contemporary art meets high school students

    Yesterday a woman from the FRAC came into our classroom to introduce a piece of art. It was a video. This one was strange and I didn't really understand it, so I can't say I liked it. It was really long and not so interesting. The music in the film was annoying and the subject wan't very captivating. The end was surprising and difficult to explain. I think the aim of this video was to criticize an aspect of our society: there are too many forms to fill in to get anything and sometimes you do it for nothing.


    Yesterday someone from the FRAC came to talk to us about what this organization is involved in and about some works of art exhibited there. Wa watched a 17-minute-long film by Alice Anderson. It was shot in 2002 in London. It's about a young woman who wanted to watch a film in the NIRH. But when she arrived, she was confronted with the administration and is complexity.

    This film was tressful because of the repetition of the same scenes and of the music. Nevertheless I didn't really enjoy this experience. I'm not fond of cinema. I prefer paintings or music. Modern art is too abstract to me. I found that the woman walking in the corridors was very repetitive and boring. The pictures and the music created an atmosphere tha made me feel uncomfortable. I prefer art when it defends a cause or when it criticizez injustice. I didn't understand the goal of this movie.


    Yesterday morning a woman from the FRAC came to talk to us about the FRAC Museum. Befor she had met Ms Sirot and they had chosen an artistic video. I think it was a really strange video. I didn't like it that much. I didn't really understand by myself what subject the artist wanted to deal with. I didn't like the music or the scenes in the corridors or in those kinds of stairs. But at the end I was quite sad for the main character because she left her bag inside the institute. I didn't like this art video because I didnt really understand why she did this, but I'm admiring of the artist because I think it's really hard to make that kind of video.


    This video was very strange and unsettling. The woman really wanted to see the film, but there are lots of obstacles. Another woman told her that she didn't have much tim to watch the movie and the countdown began. We saw a succession of fast shots which were the same shots all the time, but became faster and faster. It produced a feeling of axiety and fear, because there is suspense throughout the video. We want to know if the woman will succed to watch it ! When I saw this video, I put my self in her place and I felt frustrated as much as her, progressively. It criticized the administrative system for being very complicated. At the end, when she's out of the building, I don't know what is going on and why she is in the street.