• Scotland makes us dream by its sometimes magical landscapes, its islands, its lochs, its mountains. Here is an island that you may not know: Mull.

    Its main and only town is Tobermory. Wherever you hike and look, it's beautiful.



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  • Yes, tourists like Reims. And it's always interesting to learn about what they enjoyed in our city. That gives us ideas to keep busy at the weekend, doesn't it ?


    Visit this blog, write to the author if you want to comment !




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  • After remaining silent for a loooooooooooooooooooooong time, I wish you all a beautiful Christmas time and a very happy New Year. May 2020 bring you all you wish for !


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  • After watching this video I said to myself, "Is New Zealand a work of art?" I can't find words to describe how I felt. If you do have the words, then, send them to us !

    If you intend to go to New Zealand to spend holidays or study, you may decide to drive, shop, or go camping . Then here are some tips:

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  • Summer holidays are the best time to travel or to dream of travelling. So...



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  • There's nothing better than self-recording and then listening to the result to try and improve efficiently one's spoken English . 

    Here's an application that will allow you to record yourself and store the recording very easily. To dowload your recording, just use the link you are given to listen to your voice, and click on the Download button.

    Go on ! You have 5 minutes.


    You don't have to sign up if you don't feel like it!

    What you can do is watch a video whose transcript is available. Listen carefully once or twice, then, read the transcript aloud. Finally, check your pronunciation by listening to your recording. Start again until it's perfect!


    * Common sense

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  • That's the main topic of "Les Fondamentaux", written by Baptiste Amann.

    There was a play at school last night. 

    Directed, performed, by the Drama section's students (TL2). 

    They had already been on stage on Monday and Tuesday, in front of their schoolfriends and teachers, but unfortunately I couldn't make it. (Teachers' missions are nonnegotiable!)

    So last night I was there with many former Chagall Students, teachers, parents. And judging from the emotion-filled silence throughout the play and the sustained applause at the end, it was a tremendous success.

    Thanks to the 10 students who gave their commitment and passion for our intense enjoyment.


    Here is what Baptiste Amann says about his play:

    "On habite de petits appartements. On cherche une idée. On peine à évoquer. On essaye des choses. On veut y croire à nouveau. On est concerné. On connaît par cœur. On boit pas mal. On est forcément déçu. On part en guerre. On se souvient. On s’éloigne. On oublie. On ne comprend pas tout. On ne se rend pas compte. On veut se marier. On veut des enfants. On verra plus tard. On s’organise. On ne se fera pas avoir. On n’est pas comme eux. On a vingt ans."

    Baptiste Amann

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    One class has taken part in a video contest about road safety. Congratulations to the 2nde 7 for their work. Of course we hope to be able to congratulate them even more when they have won. But if you want them to win, you've got to go and visit a facebook page, and like their video in the comments.

    You can see their video here : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5h6dfc_concours-60-secondes-pour-le-dire-lycee-marc-chagall-reims_news

    But you MUST vote here : https://www.facebook.com/jeuconcours60secondespourledire/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf

    Show you have understood all my explanations ! Show you appreciate their useful job ! Encourage them ! 

    Vote for 2nde 7 from Chagall High School !


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  • So this is the end of the European Month in Chagall.

    It has been legendary !  - Yes, I've been watching How I Met Your Mother recently... :-)

    First there was the transformation of our entrance hall by the MANAA students, under Ms Recorda's supervision. I loved it !


    Then all the students of the school had an hour free to enjoy a nice cup of tea, gather in the yard on a sunny day (we've have plenty of them this year and that's so cool.) and have our photo taken to concretize and remember that we are Europeans with all our differences but also with all our common dreams.

    In the corridors of the school the science teachers displayed all the posters and documents their students have produced in European languages about health. 

    At the canteen every day saw a different country visit us. I loved the Greek meal. 

    On Tuesday we were all supposed to wear something reminding of a European country. Here are my British accessories .

    A poetry and  a photo contests were launched. Maybe we hoped more students would get involved, but honestly, the works I saw displayed on the mezzanine were worth spending a few minutes reading, admiring and letting one's mind wander across Europe and young people's utopian, romantic and artistic expectations and inventions.


    Thanks to everyone who has taken part in this month's virtual trip, and particularly to Ms Sacksteder who has been their inspirer and organizer.

    I don't want to spoil anything, but confidentially I can tell you I've heard there were great plans for next year. 

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  • Résultat de recherche d'images pour "environment pollution save the earth"

    Not only are 2 10's students poets, but they are also very much aware of all environmental issues. They've put a lot of energy and imagination in writing the following poems.


    ~The boy and the polar bear~


    It’s the story of a little boy,

    Who eats candies,  

    It’s the story of a polar bear,

    Who picks the papers of these candies,

    One day,

    The bear meets the boy on the quay,

    And says “Why throw your papers into the water? Do you know the impact?”

    The boy answers “Sorry, I didn't know! It’s a grave act?”

    The bear surprised, thinks:

    “If no one tells the people,

    Nobody will think to protect the planet!”

    But, why don't we do the first step?


    See and change


    When  I  see  the  world,

    I  ask  myself  if  my  children  will  be  happy,

    If  they  will  need  to   worry  for  their  health  at  every  step  outside.

    I  want  us to save the Earth  for  them!


    When  I  see  the  ocean,

    I  take  fright  for  submarine  life.

    Will   this   world   be  as  fabulous  in  thirty  years?

    I  want  us to  save  the Earth  for this!


    When  I  see  humans,

    I  ask  myself  on  their  capacity  to  react,

    And  I  only  see  pretexts  and  lies  but  no  action.

    So  first,  I  want  us to change  this  for  save  Earth!




    There wasn’t snow this winter,

    Today hurricanes, earthquakes, flood sreplace it.

    The atmosphere gets warm, silently, slowly.

    In the far north, ice is rare,

    Penguins and polar bears play hide and seek with the ice cap.

    Lower, the sky rumbles.

    Drops fall like a threat on earth.

    Earth is threatened by  our carbon footprint, by men.

    Our planet is in pain

    But today,  who will hear its tears?


    The environmental warning


    Humans are destroying the planet !

    They exhaust natural resources without fear.

    They pollute the atmosphere.

    They deforest without care.


    The pollution products a lot of greenhouse gas,

    And global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect.

    It brings the extinction of some species.

    Humans… Is that your project ?


    You have to react !

    You could consider ecology,

    And use renewable energies !

    If you did that your future would be happy !


    The human beings' story


    For decades, human beings polluted the planet.

    They built factories, and nuclear plants,

    The animals started to become extinct;

    The ice-cap was melting and ecological issues were abundant.

    But, one day, some of them woke-up,

    And realized that they had to do something.

    They had to reduce their carbon footprint, and their green house effect.

    They installed solar panels, wind turbines and other things.

    They started to treat their planet  with respect.


    That story was easy to relate

    Is it really hard to make it ours?








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