• “What we do today, will define tomorrow.” *

    Rules are changing in. Every day it seems we have to get informed, because new rules appear. 

    We're not the only ones in this case. You want to know where our British friends stand? Go THERE and read!
    The notion of necessity concerning the businesses that reopened first says a lot about the lifestyle of the people and the culture of the country.

    To travel to the UK at the moment, the rules are not necessarily as strict as the media tell us. There are many countries for which quarantine measures do not apply, including France.

    But it is strongly advised to be careful, and you will be asked for a signed paper giving the details of where you will be staying.

    If you want details and not to make mistakes when travelling, read THIS SITE

    And of course keep in mind that these rules can be changed overnight. Read the news every day, check this site every day.

    *Lailah Gifty Akita


    « The lockdown is not over in England !As you can't travel to London yet »

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