• Almost last-minute ! At the end of next week our Terminales students will attend their last lesson at Chagall High School. And not that long after they will take their English test for the baccalauréat. To reassure those who think they haven't done enough to be ready, which is often not true, here is a website where they'll find some advice they may have heard before... or not.


    Another link seemed to be useful but for some unexplained reason I can't have access to the website today. Try again another day and it may work !


    Honestly you don't have to be worried. Breathe. Read everything that is printed. Think twice before writing. And everything will be ok !


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  • The Great Gatsby is on in Reims at the Opera. Not everybody agrees it's a good film. Personally I loved the book, and didn't dislike the film made after it in 1974, but it was a long time ago and I may be more critical today. So before seeing this new version, maybe you'll appreciate watching this video:


    Sarah Crompton, from the Telegraph, reviews the first UK screening of Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan.

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    Charles Trenet would have been a 100 years old today. You may be too young to remember him. England and the USA used to know him though. Here's a link to know what people say about him there:


    And here, you can find some of his songs translated into English:


    And Google too celebrates his 100th birthday.

     A singer that has inspired many !



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    During my trip to Scotland I realized that many of the students were really keen on taking photos and had very sophisticated cameras. So maybe, if you happen to have travelled abroad this year, you could enter the National Geographic Photo Contest.

    Here is the link http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/traveler-magazine/photo-contest/2013/ where you'll find all the useful information to enter.

    Personally I may well make do with looking at all the entries on the website and try and guess who'll win. The photos are superb.

    What do you think of this one, taken by Rei Murakami in Agra, India ?


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  • Unfortunately I couldn't publish any news about our trip to Scotland. Indeed my hostess did not have a wifi connection. Here are a few photos to give you an impression of what we visited and what we did up there. Enjoy the magnificent landscapes and the beautiful weather we had. Ok it was cold, and very rainy on Friday, but on the whole reality was much better than what weather forecast websites had planned.

    On the left, Walter Scott's house, in Abbotsford. On the right, Jedburgh, where we stopped by chance to have lunch. A very nice lady made 34 delicious sandwiches in record time. The sun was hot. Everybody was happy. This was definitely my favourite moment in the trip.




  • If you are going to Scotland next week, there are a few things you shouldn't forget:

    A warm pullover or a fleece jacket.

    A raincoat or/and an umbrella.

    Your gloves, that you had already put away into the attic's cupboard.

    Good walking shoes, as the program Ms Vial has concocted for us is copious. (Many thanks by the way !)

    Your good temper, and that should be easy not to forget, not thanks to the sunny weather that we won't have, but just by thinking of all our friends who'll be working hard in Reims.

    Your identity card or passport AND you European Health Card!

    I hope you knew about this blog or all my advice will be wasted. If you didn't I'll inform you about it on Monday and you and your parents will be able to catch up with all the notes you've missed, as well as read the news I'll send from Scotland. I hope my host family have wifi. If you see nothing new published here, it will mean they don't...

    This map shows the area where our host families live, most of them in Dalkeith.

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  • Next Monday I'm heading for Scotland with the "2nde Internationale" class !

    I will try to publish some photos and impressions of the visits there, of our encounters and discoveries. Don't hesitate to write messages in the comments !

    To help you wait for Scotland's inimitable landscapes, here is a video taken from Sylvain Chomet's film "L'illusionniste". If you haven't seen it, do watch it. It's a gem!


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  • Let's make this blog live again !


    No students took part in the game, which is rather disappointing. Maybe they're too shy ? Or my game was too difficult...

    Well today to make them feel confident in English I'll advise them to create an account and then log in as often as possible on this website:


    C'est gratuit ! Enregistrez-vous (Register), sinon on vous demandera de le faire au bout de quelques visionnements. Vous pourrez améliorer vos compétences en compréhension de l'oral, mais aussi en expression orale à la seule condition d'avoir un micro sur votre ordi. Vous pourrez visualiser vos progrès, vos acquis et votre classement.

    Pour certaines fonctions on vous proposera de modifier votre compte (upgrade), mais ce n'est pas nécessaire.

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    The person who finds the greatest number of answers will receive a surprise prize. Sorry, English native English speakers, who are not members of our school, can't play....




                  1                                              2                                            3


                         4                                               5                                      6                        




                          7                                           8                                        9


                     10                                         11                                           12


    Give your answers in the comments below.



  • We have several visitors who regularly come here and who live abroad. I thought it would be kind to introduce our city to them. Some of my pupils have written short articles to that purpose.

    "In Reims there are a lot of shops in the city centre and many restaurants and bars. Next to the city centre there is the cathedral and a big park. In the city there are a lot of schools and public transports to move around the city."

    Jayde and Lise.

    "Reims is a city with a lot of monuments like the cathedral which was partly destroyed during WW1. There are a lot of shops too in the town centre and a beautiful stadium. In the Montagne de Reims there are a lot of vineyards and villages which make Champagne in cellars."


    "Reims has a beautiful cathedral which is situated in the centre. There are a lot of old "Art-Déco" houses and champagne cellars. There is the canal which crosses the city. Recently the tramway arrived for a better traffic. There are many clothes shops. The football club is in the First League."

    Julien and Florent.

    "Reims is a big city where 200,000 inhabitants live. Reims is a city where there are a lot of schools and universities to study. There many visitors who come to Reims to visit the cathedral and its historical city centre. The city was bombed during WW1 and the cathedral burnt. Reims is famous in the world for Champagne and other specialties. There are may parks where events are sometimes organised. There are a lot of shops in the city centre."

    Claire and Chloé.

    "Reims is situated in the Marne department and Champagne-Ardenne region. With 184,984 inhabitants, it is the eleventh town in France. Rheims (English spelling) is a big and famous city where you can find shops, arks, schools, bublic transports, museums and above all the cathedral.

    A lot of kings were crowned in the cathedral.

    You can go to sports halls as well  and play music in a big Academy (the Conservatoire) as well.

    In Rheims there's Champagne, pink biscuits and the stadium is beautiful."

    Elena, Loubna and Seda.


    (Olivier Gergaud. Free.fr)