• The Casual Vacancy is out this Thursday !


    J.K. Rowling, reknowned for writing the world’s famous saga Harry Potter, is publishing her new novel The Casual Vacancy on Thursday, September 27th. The highly anticipated book is also Rowling’s first adult novel. Leaving far behind the world of magic and the torments of youth, the author wrote a book about politics, drugs and sex. The title The Casual Vacancy refers to politics : it is a situation in which a seat in a delibarative assembly is vacated before the assembly’s term. This situation may arise through the death, the resignation or the disqualification of a sitting member and leads to the quick need of filling the vacant seat. Rowling’s story starts with the death of Barry Fairbrother, a local representative living in the imaginary town of Pagford…


    That’s about it for the pitch since it’s very difficult to get any information about the book. There’s been almost no leaks about this new release, which is already a bestseller, reaching number 2 at Amazon before it hits the bookshops! As a keen reader of the Harry Potter series, I look forward to reading this new piece of fiction. I love Rowling’s inventive, effortless way of writing and I hope to find her fine qualities again in this novel. If you share my enthusiasm, look out for The Casual Vacancy at your local bookshop or shop online. Rowling’s novel will be published in French this Friday, September 28th under the title Une place à prendre.


    Violaine AZEMA. 

  • This blog needed advertising and we've got to move with the times ! That's why I took advantage of my weekend to create a FACEBOOK page. If you want this page to be easily found on Google and other search engines, go and visit EASY AS PIE's page and click on "J'aime" !!!

    If you don't know what a FACEBOOK page is or if you feel there's no point in having one, then read this : http://www.squidoo.com/facebookpage


    Now, my piece of advice :

    Beware of becoming a facebook addict !


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  • It may seem difficult to understand, but it's beautiful to look at !

    The BBC Website will give you more information. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-19664574

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  • Why not celebrate Autumn !

    In the USA and in Great-Britain some schools have a  Harvest Festival which is an annual celebration that occurs around the time of the main harvest of a given region.

    Guess what it would be here, in the Champagne country !

    3000 visitors today ! Thanks everyone !

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  • Have you been feeling chilly and depressed by the weather for two days ?

    Cheer up !

    Look at this website : http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2641430

    And you'll see that it's even worse in England.

    Moreover you'll have the opportunity to practice all you've learnt at school concerning the weather.

    Read the "Forecast Summary". It's full of useful vocabulary.

    And they keep repeating on the radio as well as on TV that it's going to be sunny again soon. Why not invite friends for a barbecue on Saturday !

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    I found this "twit" while surfing on the web and had a laugh :

    "Happy first day of school to all the teachers on twitter. Now please, go teach those kids some manners!"

    (From Women's Humour)

    I also found this :

    Happy FIrst Day of School! from Mr. Turner on Vimeo.

    Would my high school students do better ? I may ask them to have a go.

    Sorry to remind you then, but on Tuesday, unavoidably, you'll have face reality :

    To cheer you up let me tell you that your teachers will have to do the same... on Monday !

    Till then, enjoy your holidays! There are 4 more days that you can use doing whatever you like, maybe nothing at all.

    See you on Tuesday !

    Ms A. Sirot



  • It's likely to be too late to attend the opening ceremony : http://www.londontown.com/LondonEvents/London-2012-Paralympic-Opening-Ceremony/c6626/


    The media will certainly not make as much a fuss as they did about the Olympic Games, nevertheless it is a great event.


    In England London 2012 Paralympics will be broadcast on Channel 4. What about French Television ?


    Isn't it disgraceful ?

    Have you seen any posters like this one in France ?

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  • American football is a team game . There are three teams : The attack team, the defense team and the special team . In these three teams there are eleven players . American Football is a game of wins field: to score points it is necessary to  touchdown . There are two ways to touchdown:  running and  passing . The attack team touchdowns . 

    The attack team : 

    There are several positions :

    The quarterback , he's the pillar of attack , It is him who chooses if the team does a running or a pass . It's a position with high responsibility . 

    The receiver , he has to catch the ball when the quarterback makes him a pass . 

    The running back , he has to run with the ball . The running back has to be very fast .

    The offensive line , he has to protect the quarterback . 

    The defense team : 

    As in the attack team there are several posts: 

    The linebacker , he has to stick the running back or the quarterback . 

    The corner back , he has to stick or  intercept the receiver . 

    The defensive line , he has to stick to the quarterback . 

    The special team :

    There are not several positions because the special team has to take the ball and go and touchdown . 

    There is just one position : the kicker , he has to kick in the ball to score ,fill goal or transmission . 

    I have written this article on  American football because I practise this sport and I think that other people can be interested. I hope that this article is going to allow a lot of people to discover this sport.






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  • Summer is here, or so they say...

    Feeling thirsty, Hyacinthe wrote an article about COCA COLA.

    COCA COLA  is a soft drink, this original drink is a symbol of  Americanism.

    Its name originates from its first recipe:

    Extracts of coca leaves (Coke In American) and the use of kola nut.

    Today its main competitors on the world market are soft drinks drinks called "Cola" made by  multinationals, like , to a Lesser extent                and

    Every day, 1,5 billion bottles are sold in the world , for a 29 billion dollar turnover in 2007 .

    (Well maybe this year they will not make as much money !)


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  •  The Dresden Dolls are an American music group from Boston, Massachusetts.The group consists of Amanda Palmer (vocals, piano,harmonica, ukulele) and Brian Viglione (drums, percussion, guitar, bass guitar, vocals).Formed in 2000, their style is dark cabaret, piano rock and alternative rock. The musical compositions of this group are very interesting. They have an impressive way of singing especially because they are only two on stage.  


    The music style is special, their costumes are black and white.


    We like this group very much because they have an outstanding way of singing. They don’t copy any other group. They are extraordinary. You don’t have to like them even if they deserve to be listened to.


    Here is the link where you can listen to them:




    (Photo borrowed from : http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=the+dresden+dolls#/dgfln1)

    Marie-Andréa and Iris.

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