My English teacher wanted us to write an article on something recent, such as an event or something we like.

    Well, Misfits is both for me. I've only known this British comedy-drama for... Hum... One week ? And I'm already ADDICTED to it.

    The plot seems is simple and not really interesting : five young people meet each other because they have to do their community service programme and after a huge storm, they get a superpower linked with their personality. Easy, right ? But after watching the first episode, you get used to it... You want to know their powers and what's going to happen because of course, the climax of suspense is already intense at the end of the first episode... (and you now, you just want to know what they dare to do... haha)

    As a series, you get used to it indeed : the characters are so different because of their lives - and in that way maybe you can find yourself - but also because of the humour which is often present thanks to Nathan, the beautiful boy (yep, he is, but girls, he's already mine.) and who makes fun of everyone, thus he has to cope with some strange events which are actually really, really, funny.

    And I have to say that the actors are really good, contrary to those in the US series, here they've been chosen for their talent and not their looks. In short, even if this series is considered as a fantastic one, nearly everything is described with a lot of realism.  Moreover, the music is sooooooooo good!!!

    It reminds me a bit another British series, Skins, and I hope it will be as famous as this one. (but it's bound to be.)

    So, since you want to improve your English and since watching films or series is fine, I really advise you  to watch it. (and you will listen to a regional accent thanks to Kelly.)




    ENJOY !


    PS : sensitive souls should be careful…



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