American football is a team game . There are three teams : The attack team, the defense team and the special team . In these three teams there are eleven players . American Football is a game of wins field: to score points it is necessary to  touchdown . There are two ways to touchdown:  running and  passing . The attack team touchdowns . 

    The attack team : 

    There are several positions :

    The quarterback , he's the pillar of attack , It is him who chooses if the team does a running or a pass . It's a position with high responsibility . 

    The receiver , he has to catch the ball when the quarterback makes him a pass . 

    The running back , he has to run with the ball . The running back has to be very fast .

    The offensive line , he has to protect the quarterback . 

    The defense team : 

    As in the attack team there are several posts: 

    The linebacker , he has to stick the running back or the quarterback . 

    The corner back , he has to stick or  intercept the receiver . 

    The defensive line , he has to stick to the quarterback . 

    The special team :

    There are not several positions because the special team has to take the ball and go and touchdown . 

    There is just one position : the kicker , he has to kick in the ball to score ,fill goal or transmission . 

    I have written this article on  American football because I practise this sport and I think that other people can be interested. I hope that this article is going to allow a lot of people to discover this sport.






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