That's the main topic of "Les Fondamentaux", written by Baptiste Amann.

    There was a play at school last night. 

    Directed, performed, by the Drama section's students (TL2). 

    They had already been on stage on Monday and Tuesday, in front of their schoolfriends and teachers, but unfortunately I couldn't make it. (Teachers' missions are nonnegotiable!)

    So last night I was there with many former Chagall Students, teachers, parents. And judging from the emotion-filled silence throughout the play and the sustained applause at the end, it was a tremendous success.

    Thanks to the 10 students who gave their commitment and passion for our intense enjoyment.


    Here is what Baptiste Amann says about his play:

    "On habite de petits appartements. On cherche une idée. On peine à évoquer. On essaye des choses. On veut y croire à nouveau. On est concerné. On connaît par cœur. On boit pas mal. On est forcément déçu. On part en guerre. On se souvient. On s’éloigne. On oublie. On ne comprend pas tout. On ne se rend pas compte. On veut se marier. On veut des enfants. On verra plus tard. On s’organise. On ne se fera pas avoir. On n’est pas comme eux. On a vingt ans."

    Baptiste Amann

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