• "A good book has no ending." *

    *R.D. Cumming

    Some of my students have recently asked me to advise them books to read for fun.

    First go to Marc Chagall High School' s library. You'll find quite a wide range of short-stories and novels there. If you need advice, Ms Azéma is there to help you. 

    But if you've read them all or if you prefer to own your own books, here are a few links to websites giving lists of books for teenagers, lists of those that have been awarded prizes.




    I hope that with all these lists you'll find the books that suits your tastes and your reading skills ! Enjoy !

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    Lundi 14 Octobre 2013 à 00:12

    OMG! Just read that article of yours Sorry it took me ages to reply to it... I've just updated the library's website to add a selection of easy-reading books in English (and German and Spanish as well) and wrote a new article pointing to your lovely blog. Please don't hesitate to drop me a mail when there's something urgent I should read - I'm kinda snowed under with work this year! I'll stick a poster about Easy Readers in the library on Tuesday.

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