Simone-Lucie-Ernestine-Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir, or Simone de Beauvoir, was a French author born on the 9th of January in 1908 and who died on the 14th of April il 1986, both in Paris. We can say she was a philosopher, as she wrote some books like Le Deuxième Sexe, divided into three volumes, in which she defends a great an solid feminist theory.

     She also got involved in the women's liberation in the 1970s. Although she became atheist while growing up, Simone was at first educated in the "Court Désir", a school were girls from rich families were educated, and were her younger sister joined her. But this easy life quickly became an difficult one : her grandfather went bankrupt, which significantly reduced the resources of the family.They had to move to another flat, a dark and cramped one. This situation made the De Beauvoir parents think their daughters had to study hard to be sure they would be able to live well later.

    This family was a literaryone, who liked theater and books. These passions were transmitted to Simone who decided, when she was fifteen, to become a famous writer. Her studies made her become a philosophy professor. Next to this, she took part in a magazine where some intellectuals from "la Gauche" wrote committed articles.

    Among these intellectuals, there was Jean-Paul Sartre, another writer, with whom she lived a great love. She nevertheless refused to marry him. We can say their relationship was rythmed by misadventures and tumultuous episodes (he was quite unfaithful). She wrote a book about him after his death (in 1980) which shocked many Sartre's friends.

    To sum up, we can notice she made her dream come true : She became a famous writer and lived an exciting life.W can add a figure to her record : she wrote twenty-three novels since she was thirty-seven, in other words one per year -approximately. I really advise you to read her books which are a a concentrate of emotions and feelings so well described !




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