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     December1st, was international AIDS day  

    What about the evolution of the VIH virus nowadays ?



    For the first time since 2004, the number of new AIDS victims has increased last year.





    Over 5 million people are ill (HIV positive), and 1/3 are not aware of being ill !



    What about progress in screening ? 

    Screening must be done as early as possible, in order to be able to have efficient cares. According to several doctors, rapid screening is better thant the classic one : this is progress. Why ? Because generalized screening allows us to have a prompt diagnosis : a patient knows if he is ill in a few minutes. On the contrary, diagnoses in classic screening, are obtained a week later and people are often afraid of being victims of AIDS, so they refuse to know the diagnosis, which can be very dangerous : if they are ill, they mustn't wait too long to get some treatment.

    What do people think about this new kind of screening ?

    People agree with this even if to inform someone that he has AIDS or is HIV posibive is a difficult thing. Today, thanks to a fast coverage care, death is not fatality anymore. So now, it's "easier" to announce and... to hear.


    An article by Estelle P.

    This article will be edited soon.


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