A few weeks ago Ms Marolla, from the FRAC (Regional Contemporary Art Fund) came and presented a video art work to a European class in Chagall High School.

    N.I.H.R. By Alice Anderson


    Some students have written about this special moment. You'll see that although they don't all agree, they all have something to say. This video left no one indifferent:

    Yesterday we saw a video presented by someone from the FRAC. I don't generally like that kind of video, but this one was very interesting. What I understood is that this video is the story of a woman that wanted to see a film, but she had to do many things if she wanted to see it. She had to pass through many similar places. This video was very stressful because the main character was speaking to a woman that was the same woman everywhere she was going. We could only see their faces, moreover we saw the same places and the music was very oppressive. At the end we saw that the woman hadn't seen the film. I felt very frustrated.

    I think this video is art, because art has to give emotions like fear and this video gave us emotions.


    Yesterday we had a special English lesson. Indeed a woman from the FRAC came and talked to us about where she works. She explained to us that the FRAC's mission was to find and keep masterpieces to spread them to people. The FRAC is in every region of France, so art is accessible to everyone. Ms Marolla goes to schools or universities to bring some to people who aren't particularly interested in art. Her mission is to raise artistic awareness among people of all generations, especially about contemporary art. I learnt a little about art in Reims because of her explanation about different festivals and events.

    After that she showed us a video. It was Ms Sirot who had chosen it. The video was called NIHR. I felt bad about this video. I knew it was a work of art, but I found it very strange. I was glad to discover a little mor about art, but this video... I didn't like it. I think some people understand it more than others and I tried to do the same, but the video's atmosphere was really creepy. But I thank Ms Marolla for coming because art is very interesting and we don't have enough opportunities to learn about it.


     Yesterday a woman from the FRAC came to tell us about her job and the museum where she works. Then she showed us a video which is a work of art from this museum.

    The video was made in 2002 by Alice Anderson. It shows a girl who wants to watch a film in the NIHR, in London. After a lot of papers and cards to fill in the girl could watch the film by Leigh and another girl (always the same) asked her to follow her and she finishes outside without her personal belongings. It was repetitive, and really stressful because of the music.

    This intervention was really interesting and this museum is a good thing because we can have access to works of art.


     More texts ?  click here.

    And if you want to know more about the artist, you can watch this video:





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