• We have friends in Washington Lee High School !

    On one of my "looking-for-some-English-written-opinion-about-Reims" enterprise I found an article talking about our school ! It was written by one of the students who stayed with us last Spring. Read it ! It's fun.

    And I've realized that the main point of interest for American students in France is exactly the same as the one that kept our students alert when I took them to Scotland: FOOD!

    There are two details I'd like to point out. First I wonder whether the "chocolate panini" are actually our "pains au chocolat". Second I notice that the expression "YOLO" that I have recently learnt is used in the text. On the radio I've heard that even French young people use it in French. Do you use it?


    This article was taken from http://www.crossedsabres.org/ the student-produced newspaper of the Washington-Lee High School community

    The two photos of Wahshington-Lee High School were taken from http://archinect.com/



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    TheLibrarian TheLibrarian profile
    Monday 1st July 2013 at 23:56

    Interesting article. And I've just learnt a new expression... YOLO!!!! It seems that we're all after the same thing when we travel: going to England, the first thing you wanna do is get your hands on fish & chips; and foreigners visiting France would kill for a baguette and pains au chocolat - YOLO...

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