• There's always something happening in Chagall High School

    There's always something happening in Chagall High School

    This poster was designed by: Solene Donato, 1 STD2A 

    Last Tuesday I took my 2°2 students to attend a festival that took place in our high school.  We had been invited, like the rest of the students and adults, by the 1ères TSTD2A. Here is what they wrote on Friday about this experience:

    The name of the festival was Zarzaland. There were short shows presented by Barthou elementary school pupils and  Chagall high school students together. The shows took place in Marc Chagall High School in different places: outside and in classrooms.  The design classrooms are larger than ours ! The kids and the teenagers had created and installed sets. We didn't all see the same thing. It was all about nature, environment and health. To present their shows they used shadows, lights, music, puppets and costumes.

    We saw the story of a drop of water called Perlette, told by puppets and some kids, a play about vegetables and flowers and a shadow thetre play about a thief who stole colours.

    All the shows were free ! The kids did a good job ! The stories were for kids, so the audience was a little too old, but we thought the scenograpy was clever. 

    And personally I felt impressed and quite moved by this collaboration between two generations and I'd like to say "thank you" to the teachers who have worked all year long to produce such a beautiful festival.

    A. Sirot

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