• "The law of separation, is the deliberate march of the mind to the full light , full science and full reason. " Jean Jaurès

    After the tragic events that took place in Paris on November 13th, December 9th was the opportunity for our students to stand together and say what important values tolerance, freedom of thought and respect are to them.

    It was the first time the French Ministry of Education had decided to celebrate and honour "Laïcité".  ("secularism" or "secularity" dictionaries tend not to agree on the translation.)

    Some students had learnt by heart an article of the "Charte de la Laïcité" and read it aloud to classes. MANAA (post-ALevels  Design students) had worked on a project to inform everybody on their rights and duties. The result was stunning and effective!

    Here are a few photos to show you what happened that day at Marc Chagall High School, and how involved our students were. 



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