• Some 1 L and Euro students write about their trip across Europe


    When I was in college, I went to Rome in Italy, because I chose the option: Latin. I left for one week. We left on Sunday morning and we arrived the next day in Rome.

    Hardly had we arrived than we already visited the city. We started with the Collosseum which was very impressive. It was big and we felt very small next to it.

    Then we visited the Capitol's Museum where we saw many statues and also the Capitol. The next day we visited the Vatican where the Pope lives.

    Then we went to Ostie to see the remains that are still there. There we made a kind of game in teams.

    We also saw the Trevi Fountain which was  immense. There were lots of tourists so it was difficult to slide between them. But we managed to throw a coin over our shoulder. It was like in the movie. Every place we went to, there were lots of people. Just in front of the fountain there are a few shops, so we bought T-shirts and pullovers with the words: "We love Roma"

    Finally we went to the restaurant and when it was time we had to go back to the coach and we got back on the road to return to France, to Reims.




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