It is commonly said that English is invading our language. But English itself is badly treated all over the world. Many people claim to speak it, but their vocabulary is so limited that they are literally killing English.

    It's high time we did something !

    Here is the answer. Adopt an English word !


    The first link is dead. Here is savethewords' facebook page:


    Choose a word, check its definition, and if you like it, adopt it. It's simple, funny and vital.

    EDIT 23RD NOVEMBER 2011 : Sorry ! It's a great pity, but this website does not exist any longer.

    EDIT 29th JUNE 2013 : Like us there are people who regret the closing or the website  "savethewords.org". Here's an example: http://bookpolygamist.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/rip-savethewords-org/

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    Thursday 23rd December 2010 at 21:09

    I have adopted this word : 'modernicide'. It's not so easy to use it but I'll try. I've adopted it because I liked the definition : "It's a shame that modernicide is illegal as Celine Dion would be at the top of my hit list!". That's not really nice for Celine Dion, isn't it?

    anglaischagall anglaischagall profile
    Thursday 23rd December 2010 at 21:44

    Well, MB, they have to find examples, don't they? And as long as it is virtual, modernicide is harmless. I wonder who would be at the top of my hit list...

    anglaischagall anglaischagall profile
    Saturday 27th April 2013 at 19:59

    It's a pity this website doesn't exist any longer. That was such a good idea !

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