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  • Some weeks ago I told you about a competition for young French writers in English: 


    Here is a new link to a page where you'll be able to read the texts written by the winners from the previous years' competitions. Don't be shy ! 

    Whether you feel at ease writing poetry, short stories or autobiographical accounts, I'm sure you can be among the best writers this year !

    Watch Roger Morris's video ! Read R. Morgan's advice ! 

    And grab a pen and paper or switch your computer on if you feel more comfortable with using Word !

    To know more about the rules and details of this competition, here is everything :    http://www.editionsdidier.com/text/paper-planes-concours-writing-2014

    And if you don't feel confident enough or if you hesitate or don't understand anything in the rules, come and ask me (Mrs Sirot) Room C13 or in the Staff Room. You can also ask Mrs Azema at the library.

    Talking about competitions, don't forget to enter the Photo Contest !

    It's still time, but it's highly time.






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  • This week at the library, you might just fall in love!


    February is here and for a lot of people Valentine's day is an important date to celebrate.  On the occasion, we came up with a fun idea for all of you to try out this week at the library. Whether you’re in a  blooming relationship or happily single, you ‘re invited to go on a blind date… with a book ! " Starting Monday, February, 10th till Monday, February, 17th, come to the library and visit our display. Check out any wrapped book and let the fun begin! Choose your item wisely for you might just fall in love! You’ve been warned! See you soon at the Library. Till then, lots of love to you all xxx

    Violaine Azema.

    (The original poster comes from:  http://www.fclsonline.org/blind-date-with-a-book/)

    PS: Don't forget the roses you can buy for the people you love and like in your school ! They can be bought in the students' common room !

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    MARCH 22ND 2014


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  • You like music.

    You like Celtic music.

    You haven't got anything planned on March 26th.

    You don't usually go to concerts because it's too expensive. 

    This event is for you !!!

    And, look out ! One of the names is famous in Chagall High School.

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  • I was in London in October, but this work of art was only presented to the public in  November. So, no wonder I missed it ! The artist was born in Morocco, but the voice is American, while it could be listened to  in England. I like that. 

    The actual name of this work is "New Industrial Revolution". Have you ever imagined that your voice would be "visible" one day? Of course we already had kind of an idea thanks to "Audacity", your English teachers favourite software ! But here this is a 3D representation and it's quite amazing. 

    If you'd like to know more about the artist, go there : http://www.gillesazzaro.com/

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  • CHRISTMAS has gone.


    NEW YEAR has arrived !

    It's resolutions' time. Here are the ones I suggest you took :

    Mine will be :

    - Be patient when no one answers my questions in class.

    - Publish at least one article a fortnight.

    - Crack a joke in the staffroom when people start moaning.

    - Find convincing arguments to make my students work and learn their lessons.

    What will be yours ?

    Click on "Your comment" to write your answer.


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  • All over the world everybody has been paying tribute to Nelson Mandela since Thursday evening when he died. Here is a link to a South African website dedicated to this great man.



    On the first page, you'll find links to many articles published since Mandela's death, but if you click on "life and times" you'll find an interesting chronology of the main events in Mandela's life. Then click on "M&G and Madiba", and you'll be able to read ancient articles from the Mail&Gardian. The next tab, "tributes", will take you to a page on which you will be able to leave your own tribute, finally the last tab, Multimedia, will offer you a choice of videos.

    The title of this post and "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." are two wise and accurate quotes by Mandela.

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  • 2014 will be a great year ! 

    Do you know why? 

    Because in May the first European Week will take place in your school. Everyone can take part in this event and it doesn't even have to be in English. Throughout this school year I will keep you informed about the different events that will be organised.

    To start with there is a PHOTO CONTEST. You've been to Belgium, England, Germany, Italy or any other European country lately and you've made funny, amazing, beautiful or moving pictures of the daily life there, well, then, you are ready to take part in this contest. To know more about it, read this information:




    This is a unique opportunity to prove you are creative, open-minded and European-minded. Go to the school library now and ask any question this flyer has not answered.



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  • Advent has started. Traditionally children get a special calendar in which they find a new surprise every day until, at last, it's Christmas and then they'll find their Christmas presents under the Christmas tree. A journalist, Rebecca Davies, has imagined a new kind of Advent Calendar. In the Chilren's Book Blog, hosted by the Independent, a British newspaper, she will publish an article about a new book every day. She'll talk mainly about children's books telling stories about winter or Christmas. But reading children's books is a good idea to improve your English if you are not ready yet to read Shakespeare's or Dicken's works !

    So here is the Children's Book Blog : http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2013/12/03/the-children%e2%80%99s-book-blog-christmas-countdown-shiver-by-maggie-stiefvater/

    Go there and have a look at the latest posts by Rebecca Davies, at the bottom of the article.

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