« Pride » is a film written by Stephen Beresford and directed by Matthew Warchus. It deals with the United Kingdom miners' strike in 1984 and gays and lesbians at the same time. The gay community was persecuted : they were beaten up, and considered as perverts and dangerous people.

    This film is based on a true story, so it includes real personalities like Mark Ashton (acted by Ben Schnetzer ), Jonathan Blake ( Dominic West) or Siân James ( Jessica Gunning ).

    The story took place in London. As he was watching television, Mark Ashton, a gay young man decided to help the miners on strike because they are both against Margaret Thatcher. He and his friends raised money for the miners with the LGSM campaign. LGSM stands for Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners.

    At the beginning, nobody wanted the money they collected because it came from gay people. However, they phoned a little village in Wales and got an answer. Therefore, they then went to this village, but they were coldly welcomed by the majority of the miners. As time went on, more money was collected and the village survived, thanks to LGSM. Miners and gays began to work together, hand in hand.

    This film is also a bit about AIDS, which was discovered at the same time. This illness has since then concerned gay people as well as heterosexuals.


    « Pride » is really interesting. It makes you feel angry, happy, sad, joyful and even more at the same time. From the beginning to the end, you’re completely immersed in the story. You get attached to characters who make you feel right and fair. You can laugh and you can cry, which is fantastic because of the incredible work of the actors. There is Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Andrew Scott, and lots more who are amazing.

    I encourage all the people, boys and girls, who are supporting the gay community, or just curious, to go to the Opera cinema in Rheims and watch PRIDE.


    Clemence LACOUME



    Thanks, Clémence, for your long and interesting review of this film !

    A. Sirot

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  • Today you've met your form teachers. I'm sure that was a pleasant moment, all the more than you could at last see your friends again, which is much better than chatting with them on social networks or on your phone.

    Tomorrow you'll attend your first lessons. You may feel worried and eager to succeed. Here is a website on which you'll find useful tips to make this year a success:


    Photo found on this website : http://pleasureinlearning.com/

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  • Don't miss the departure and the first three stages of the Tour de France. It will start from Yorkshire and cross England from north to south. You'll be able to admire beautiful landscapes and it might incite you to go and spend some time over there ! It's worth it.

    The three cities you're about to discover : Harrogate, Sheffield and Cambridge.

    All the useful information is on this website: http://letour.yorkshire.com/

    And on this one : http://www.velowire.com/article/675/en/all-details-of-the-grand-depart-of-the-tour-de-france-2014--race-route-on-google-maps.html

    Unfortunately it might be too late to book a bed-and-breakfast in each place. 

  • Don't forget to go and read this page http://bloganglaischagall.eklablog.com/1-l-s-trips-to-a-european-country-p816218  from time to time.

    I keep publishing new texts !

    And they're all worth reading !



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    When I was in college, I went to Rome in Italy, because I chose the option: Latin. I left for one week. We left on Sunday morning and we arrived the next day in Rome.

    Hardly had we arrived than we already visited the city. We started with the Collosseum which was very impressive. It was big and we felt very small next to it.

    Then we visited the Capitol's Museum where we saw many statues and also the Capitol. The next day we visited the Vatican where the Pope lives.

    Then we went to Ostie to see the remains that are still there. There we made a kind of game in teams.

    We also saw the Trevi Fountain which was  immense. There were lots of tourists so it was difficult to slide between them. But we managed to throw a coin over our shoulder. It was like in the movie. Every place we went to, there were lots of people. Just in front of the fountain there are a few shops, so we bought T-shirts and pullovers with the words: "We love Roma"

    Finally we went to the restaurant and when it was time we had to go back to the coach and we got back on the road to return to France, to Reims.




    If you want to read more stories about students' trips across Europe, go to this page:



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    What will I remember of this fabulous week?

    Well, it all started with Spain. I was wearing a bright yellow t-shirt along with my brightest red cardigan. But unfortunately, hardly anyone noticed. As I only teach in the afternoon I didn't hear much of the Spanish music. Sad. 

    On Tuesday I could see that the German teachers were busy. As a matter of fact they had been busy for a few days as a group of German students were in Reims to visit the city and above meet all their penfriends ! This exchange has been working for at least twenty years I dare say ! If that is not a European friendship, tell me what is! There were unexpected poetic interventions in several classes and a game that went well, or so I heard. Surprisingly at the canteen, we had paella. But it's pleasant to be surprised, isn't it?

    Thusday was the English Day! As to me it meant being there at 8:00. Actually 6 of my 1 L students had learnt a poem about Europe and they knocked at a dozen of classroom doors and performed in front of classes that had not been warned of their visit, which resulted in short but joyful moments of poetical pleasure on both sides.  


    Then at 9 o'clock I had a cup of tea in the "Foyer" where Jeanne and other pupils welcomed us with smiles and quizzes they had concocted. Unfortunately I could not attend all the concerts and activities planned later that day and on Friday, but even so I thoroughly enjoyed this European Week !

    Although I had to work in another high school in Reims, I came back on purpose to taste our chef's English meal, and I must honestly congratulate all the staff in the kitchen: it was delicious and very English indeed.



    Thanks a lot to Ms Sacksteder who was behind that brilliant project!

    No doubt there will be lots of volunteers to take part in the European Week at Chagall next year.

    Please feel free to send me (or leave in my pigeon hole in the staff room) a text telling us about YOUR European Week!

     A. Sirot

    Answers are arriving ! 


    It felt so good to be part of this school during the European week. I loved the atmosphere, the energy and it was a wonderful feeling to finally realize that we could bring people together.


    Here is where I belong! I am so proud of you all, thank you. Keep up with the good work and see you next year!

    C. Sacksteder



  • There's always something happening in our high school, and this week more than ever.

    If you haven't heard of the European Week yet, either you're deaf or you were asleep. Wake up, then, and read the programme:

    LUNDI 12 mai

    v  Radio Chagall et les musiques espagnoles.

    v  Présence du CRIJ pour « l’auberge européenne «  de 9h à 12h au foyer 

    MARDI 13 mai          

    v  Impromptus : comptines et poésie en allemand de 10h à 11h

    v  Radio Chagall  et la musique allemande (+ une chronique)

    v  Questionnaires « Mon Europe, mon lycée et moi »

    v  Jeu de plateau sur l’Europe, animé par Kristina , étudiante slovaque,  au foyer.

    JEUDI 15 mai            

    v  Impromptus en anglais de 8h à 9h et de 10h à 11h

    v  « tea-time » dans le hall du foyer entre 9h et 10h ou dans la cour en cas de soleil !

    v  Menu de la cantine à l’heure anglaise !

    v  A 14h : concert de musiques de l’Europe de l’Est avec Samuel Berthod

    v  Radio Chagall à12h30


    VENDREDI 16 mai

    v  Impromptus poétiques en italien de 11h à 12h

    v  Mini concert à 12h00 avec le Chagall’s band  et violon irlandais

    Don't forget to have a look at the Photo Exhibition and vote for the best snapshot !

    That sounds really fun ! Get your flamenco dress and your Union Jack t-shirt ready ! Open your eyes and your ears !

    and you're bound to enjoy this exceptional week.

    Send us your articles to tell us about your favourite moment.



  • You may be free on Wednesday mornings.

    Then, you can stop wondering what you'll be doing on May 7th 2014 at 11 : 00 am !


    The students of our Design section (classe de 1ère)  have made beautiful and efficient posters that were displayed at Marc Chagall High School before the holidays and will be at the hospital next week.

    Congratulations to the students of this class ! 

     Edit 9 May, 2014:






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  • Apartheid and A Dry White Season


    As I read through the lines I see fear not the truth,

    The pages are all stained, crumpled, marked with dark strokes,

    The words are screaming, they are going up in smoke

    In Africa, stop hiding they're destroying youth.


    A cover dark as the night or white as the light, 

    My heart is blind ; but is not deaf and will not be

    Dumb. The murders of my friends, threats, injustice, three

    Shots will find me unafraid until my last fight:


    I leave behind me an open book.


    A. (classe de 1ère)

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    "Première L" is not hell !



    Students in the literary section are a minority compared to students in the scientific section. These two sections are often put in opposition. For example, in Marc Chagall high school there are five scientific classes, three economics classes and only two literary classes.

    This section is hardly ever chosen by pupils because they have a lot of prejudice. In this subject, there are many girls compared to boys. Classes are very small.

    In this section there is a specific subject: Literature in a foreign language: English, Spanish or German. In this subject, there are five specialities:

    ·         Mathematics.

    ·         Extensive English.

    ·         Latin. Latin can be just an option.

    ·         LV3 (Spanish or Italian). Can be just an option too.

    ·         Drama.

    Specialities are coefficient four, as well as English, Spanish or German, History-Geography. And per week, there are three hours for each speciality and each option. Pupils choose their speciality in sixth year (1ère), while in other sections, pupils choose in the final year of high school.

    What we learn allows us to have wider general knowledge.

    Then we will be able to study literature, arts, law, pedagogy, etc.  






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