• I haven't read much about this film, but just looking at the title, the poster and the synopsis, it sounds worth watching. Most of you have heard of Ellis Island in one of your English lessons. I bet you'll be able to impress your teacher with your knowledge after seeing this film. 

    Knowing that Marion Cotillard plays the lead role may convince you to go to the Opera Cinema, the only place in Reims where you can see subtitled films in the original version.

    Click on the photo to get to an article from the Guardian.

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  • Whether you’re a student, a teacher or a jobseeker, there’s a number of amazing websites on the Internet you should know about. Based on interactivity, they are great help to increase reactions and participation to your presentations. Let me introduce you to Padlet and Prezi.

    Padlet is a free service that is best described as an online cork board. Padlet can be used by students and teachers to post notes on a common page. The notes that teachers and students post can contain links, videos, images and document files. Visitors of the wall can scroll through the images, links, videos and document files that have been posted in the notes of a wall.

    Using Prezi, you can convey information to your audience in a non-linear, dynamic way, that is both engaging and easier to understand. Prezi presentations may integrate sounds and videos as well.

    With both tools, you can collaborate with colleagues, students, co-workers and work on the same canvas in real time.

    Check out an example of a Padlet presentation here. You should already know about Prezi if you’re a keen reader of this blog. If not, check out the Prezi presentation of Easy as Pie here.

    Violaine Azema

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  • The holidays are here at last !

    If I judge from my students' reaction when I gave them homework today, I believe that they're going to be very busy. However if there's some free time left in your time-table, here is a competition that might appeal to you.


    Click on the link above...

    Read the rules, watch the video and WRITE !


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  • *R.D. Cumming

    Some of my students have recently asked me to advise them books to read for fun.

    First go to Marc Chagall High School' s library. You'll find quite a wide range of short-stories and novels there. If you need advice, Ms Azéma is there to help you. 

    But if you've read them all or if you prefer to own your own books, here are a few links to websites giving lists of books for teenagers, lists of those that have been awarded prizes.




    I hope that with all these lists you'll find the books that suits your tastes and your reading skills ! Enjoy !

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  • You may want to work in a field that needs  a perfect color or you paint as a hobby. Anyhow it can be fun to do this test:


    "How well do you see colour?"



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  • Have you heard of what happened a fortnight ago in London ? (Well, this week it's very unlikely to happen again !)

    A skyscraper that's being built in London has been responsible for serious damages on cars, bicycles and doormats.

    Because of the shape of the building, but also because of the shape of the mirrors that cover its walls, the building has produced enough heat on the pavement opposite that some cars, among which a luxury one, have melted. To prove this fact some people have fried an egg outside just thanks to the heat produced by the building. 

    Here is an article that tells you everything you should know ! Let's just wait to know what solution will be found to prevent London shops, cars, carpets and bicycles from catching fire !


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  • The following website is actually aimed at parents. But you may be interested in knowing what subjects teenagers have to study in secondary school in Britain.


    You'll see that most subjects are similar to what you study here, but you'll find out that British students have the opportunity to be taught Religious Studies, Sex and Relationship Education and Citizenship. 

    Don't hesitate to read further by clicking on the different links.



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  • OK, that's not the most original title I should have thought of. But you must consider the fact I've just been through busy days typing lists, photocopying, buying pens, preparing lessons, covering notebooks... So, here we are. Whatever class you are in I hope you'll enjoy this new schoolyear.

    To start with something useful but also enjoyable, here's a link to one more BBC treasure :


    This is a site especially designed for people who want to learn English, and there are pages actually aimed at teenagers. So, no excuse accepted, you've got to improve your English !

    You just have to click in the left-hand side column to see what English Language Learning activities that are available. Sometimes they're videos, other times they are PDF documents. Help yourself ! Enjoy yourself !

    And here is a cartoon to cheer up my Secondes who found so difficult to write their essays this afternoon :

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  • On one of my "looking-for-some-English-written-opinion-about-Reims" enterprise I found an article talking about our school ! It was written by one of the students who stayed with us last Spring. Read it ! It's fun.

    And I've realized that the main point of interest for American students in France is exactly the same as the one that kept our students alert when I took them to Scotland: FOOD!

    There are two details I'd like to point out. First I wonder whether the "chocolate panini" are actually our "pains au chocolat". Second I notice that the expression "YOLO" that I have recently learnt is used in the text. On the radio I've heard that even French young people use it in French. Do you use it?


    This article was taken from http://www.crossedsabres.org/ the student-produced newspaper of the Washington-Lee High School community

    The two photos of Wahshington-Lee High School were taken from http://archinect.com/


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  • At Marc Chagall High School there is a place where you can work quietly, read magazines, newspapers, novels, comics, poetry..., borrow books, browse on the internet to find useful information. The list of what you can do there is definitely to long to be completed here. But if you need to ask any question address Violaine Azema or Alain Dulac, our two helpful librarians.

    A website has recently been created. It is welcoming, clear. It's easy to find whatever you're looking for. I've put a link in the right-hand-side column of this blog, but click HERE and you'll discover it too.

    Not only does Violaine keeps the site updated but she has also created a "prezumé" of Easy As Pie, and I can't resist the urge to publish it here. A little ad is not superfluous when it comes to improve one's English!