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    I found this "twit" while surfing on the web and had a laugh :

    "Happy first day of school to all the teachers on twitter. Now please, go teach those kids some manners!"

    (From Women's Humour)

    I also found this :

    Happy FIrst Day of School! from Mr. Turner on Vimeo.

    Would my high school students do better ? I may ask them to have a go.

    Sorry to remind you then, but on Tuesday, unavoidably, you'll have face reality :

    To cheer you up let me tell you that your teachers will have to do the same... on Monday !

    Till then, enjoy your holidays! There are 4 more days that you can use doing whatever you like, maybe nothing at all.

    See you on Tuesday !

    Ms A. Sirot



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    Miss B
    Samedi 1er Septembre 2012 à 08:59

    Happy first day too!


    anglaischagall Profil de anglaischagall
    Samedi 1er Septembre 2012 à 17:36

    Thanks and happy first day of school to everybody at the "Collège Paulette Billat" !

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    anglaischagall Profil de anglaischagall
    Vendredi 7 Septembre 2012 à 19:51

    Today you came to visit our blog from Paris and from Bari in Italy. Welcome here ! And be back soon.

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