« Pride » is a film written by Stephen Beresford and directed by Matthew Warchus. It deals with the United Kingdom miners' strike in 1984 and gays and lesbians at the same time. The gay community was persecuted : they were beaten up, and considered as perverts and dangerous people.

    This film is based on a true story, so it includes real personalities like Mark Ashton (acted by Ben Schnetzer ), Jonathan Blake ( Dominic West) or Siân James ( Jessica Gunning ).

    The story took place in London. As he was watching television, Mark Ashton, a gay young man decided to help the miners on strike because they are both against Margaret Thatcher. He and his friends raised money for the miners with the LGSM campaign. LGSM stands for Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners.

    At the beginning, nobody wanted the money they collected because it came from gay people. However, they phoned a little village in Wales and got an answer. Therefore, they then went to this village, but they were coldly welcomed by the majority of the miners. As time went on, more money was collected and the village survived, thanks to LGSM. Miners and gays began to work together, hand in hand.

    This film is also a bit about AIDS, which was discovered at the same time. This illness has since then concerned gay people as well as heterosexuals.


    « Pride » is really interesting. It makes you feel angry, happy, sad, joyful and even more at the same time. From the beginning to the end, you’re completely immersed in the story. You get attached to characters who make you feel right and fair. You can laugh and you can cry, which is fantastic because of the incredible work of the actors. There is Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Andrew Scott, and lots more who are amazing.

    I encourage all the people, boys and girls, who are supporting the gay community, or just curious, to go to the Opera cinema in Rheims and watch PRIDE.


    Clemence LACOUME



    Thanks, Clémence, for your long and interesting review of this film !

    A. Sirot

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