• "Première L" is not hell !


    "Première L" is not hell !



    Students in the literary section are a minority compared to students in the scientific section. These two sections are often put in opposition. For example, in Marc Chagall high school there are five scientific classes, three economics classes and only two literary classes.

    This section is hardly ever chosen by pupils because they have a lot of prejudice. In this subject, there are many girls compared to boys. Classes are very small.

    In this section there is a specific subject: Literature in a foreign language: English, Spanish or German. In this subject, there are five specialities:

    ·         Mathematics.

    ·         Extensive English.

    ·         Latin. Latin can be just an option.

    ·         LV3 (Spanish or Italian). Can be just an option too.

    ·         Drama.

    Specialities are coefficient four, as well as English, Spanish or German, History-Geography. And per week, there are three hours for each speciality and each option. Pupils choose their speciality in sixth year (1ère), while in other sections, pupils choose in the final year of high school.

    What we learn allows us to have wider general knowledge.

    Then we will be able to study literature, arts, law, pedagogy, etc.  







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