After a few lessons with Sabrina, here is what a student from 1 ES EURO has sent to me:

    India is an Asian country. It's a peninsula, because of the three seas that surround the country: the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. At the southern point of the peninsula, there are no buildings and Sabrina told us it is very beautiful for sunrises. What's more in India, it is always the equivalent climate of our summer. So, when it rains, everybody is happy. There the rain is not cold as in Europe. They even have "rain food" that they only eat when it rains. MORE ABOUT INDIAMORE ABOUT INDIA






                   Kachori                                                                  Masala chai

    But in India there is a place where you can find snow: the Himalaya. This is the famous mountain range in the north of India, with the highest mountain in the world.

    You can find the colour of snow in the flag too. It is composed of safran, white, green and a blue circle. Every colour represents something: safran is courage, white is purity, green prosperity and the blue cirle is the chacra to be more forward.


    The beauty of the peninsula is described in the national anthem, written by a poet. At school children sing it at least once a week and for every important event. To celebrate beauty, the national flower is lotus. There used to be a lotus on the coins. The national fruit is mango. They eat it only in April and May. These are the two hottest months of the year. That's when mangos are the best.


    The capital city of this amazing country is Delhi. Speaking of cities, some big ones have changed their names when India became independent. (Bombay became Mumbai, Madras became Chennai.)


    The Indian territory is composed of 29 states, small islands and 9 union territories. Each state has its own government and is like a small country. Each has its own food, traditions, dance, culture and language. Indeed there are approximately fifteen languages in India. So people grow up hearing different languages ; TV channels are all in different ones and in the street or with friends Indians hear or learn new ones. Moreover from 3 years old up children learn English at school. All the subjects are taught in English. So it is very easy for them to learn a new language when they need to. Children are all in private schools and they stay at the same school from 3 to 18 years old. They have a school song and uniforms.


    India is totally different from what we know ; it is a country of beauty and purity.


    Maybe this would be the ideal place to ask Sabrina more about her home country. Please write your questions in the comments !




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