• J.K. Rowling’s new novel

    The Casual Vacancy is out this Thursday !


    J.K. Rowling, reknowned for writing the world’s famous saga Harry Potter, is publishing her new novel The Casual Vacancy on Thursday, September 27th. The highly anticipated book is also Rowling’s first adult novel. Leaving far behind the world of magic and the torments of youth, the author wrote a book about politics, drugs and sex. The title The Casual Vacancy refers to politics : it is a situation in which a seat in a delibarative assembly is vacated before the assembly’s term. This situation may arise through the death, the resignation or the disqualification of a sitting member and leads to the quick need of filling the vacant seat. Rowling’s story starts with the death of Barry Fairbrother, a local representative living in the imaginary town of Pagford…


    That’s about it for the pitch since it’s very difficult to get any information about the book. There’s been almost no leaks about this new release, which is already a bestseller, reaching number 2 at Amazon before it hits the bookshops! As a keen reader of the Harry Potter series, I look forward to reading this new piece of fiction. I love Rowling’s inventive, effortless way of writing and I hope to find her fine qualities again in this novel. If you share my enthusiasm, look out for The Casual Vacancy at your local bookshop or shop online. Rowling’s novel will be published in French this Friday, September 28th under the title Une place à prendre.


    Violaine AZEMA. 

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    Anne Sirot
    Friday 28th September 2012 at 19:30

    I've just bought it. I'll give you my opinion in a few days weeks, once I've read it !

    Anne Sirot
    Wednesday 17th April 2013 at 09:54

    Loved it by the way !

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