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    Whether you’re a student, a teacher or a jobseeker, there’s a number of amazing websites on the Internet you should know about. Based on interactivity, they are great help to increase reactions and participation to your presentations. Let me introduce you to Padlet and Prezi.

    Padlet is a free service that is best described as an online cork board. Padlet can be used by students and teachers to post notes on a common page. The notes that teachers and students post can contain links, videos, images and document files. Visitors of the wall can scroll through the images, links, videos and document files that have been posted in the notes of a wall.

    Using Prezi, you can convey information to your audience in a non-linear, dynamic way, that is both engaging and easier to understand. Prezi presentations may integrate sounds and videos as well.

    With both tools, you can collaborate with colleagues, students, co-workers and work on the same canvas in real time.

    Check out an example of a Padlet presentation here. You should already know about Prezi if you’re a keen reader of this blog. If not, check out the Prezi presentation of Easy as Pie here.

    Violaine Azema

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