• e-generation 2015 Barthou Project

    What do you usually do on Friday afternoons? Well, you should read the posters you go past, there's always something extraordinary happening in Chagall High School.


    Last week it was "Projet Barthou 2015" opening! From my car everything looked absolutely normal. But a few steps later...  

    I discovered a wonderful exhibition entirely designed, staged and guided by the pupils of the 1ère STD2A and Barthou Primary School. I'm pleased I could enjoy a guided tour of the  amazing display, the result of the enthusiastic team work between these two classes. Thank you too to Ms Gautherot, Brion, Desse and Pierson from Marc Chagall High School as well as to Ms Guyot and Ms Teixeira from Barthou primary School.

    Whether in high or primary school, pupils focused on English words commonly used in French. It led to define these words and use them as a starting point to the creation of a character, whose steps you could follow with pictures, sounds, tastes and words following a cosy and mysterious itinerary.

    Damien kindly agreed to explain all the process to you:

    (Sorry for the bad quality of the sound, but it proves the place was crowded with visitors !)

    I had never thought anglicisms, which I'm not particularly keen on, could lead to such a blast of artistic inspiration. I followed one of Mr Cool's creators, who accepted to explain the creative process and give his impressions. Thank you Damien, the tour was absolutely fantastic. Here is what I've managed to capture thanks to my phone. It's nothing like what I actually experienced there, but it'll give you an idea though.


    e-generation       2015 Barthou Project




     e-generation       2015 Barthou Project








         e-generation       2015 Barthou Project



















    e-generation       2015 Barthou Project

              e-generation       2015 Barthou Project



















    e-generation       2015 Barthou Project       e-generation       2015 Barthou Project



    Congratulations to all of you for the fabulous work and for making our school so lively and open to art and creativity. I can't wait until March 14th  to see more of your amazing displays.


    PS: please come back and read this post after March 9th, as it may have been edited and improved with some more recordings.



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