What's your name ?

    My name is Farrell Sabrina Desiken but you can call me Sabrina. 

    How old are you ?

    I'm 23 years old. 

    Have you got brothers or sisters ?

    No, I don't. 

    Where were you born ?

    I was born in Tirunelveli in Tamilnadu in India

    What are your hobbies ?

    I like reading books and travelling. 

    Where do you live ?

    I live in Chennai in the South of India. It's bigger than Paris and it's the capital of Tamilnadu. 

    How is the weather in India ?

    The weather is very hot, more than 40°C and there are no seasons. 

    What is your favourite colour ?

    My favourite colours are black and white. 

    Why did you come to France ?

    I'm here to teach communication and spoken English. 

    What's your favourite sport ?

    I like watching football. 

    How long will you stay in France ?

    I will stay here 7 months, until the end of April. 

    Why did you choose Rheims ?

    Because it's in the Northern part of France, it's close to Paris, and because of the weather. 

    Do you have friends in France ?

    I have a Mexican friend. 

    Have you tried French food ?

    I've tried « moules frites » and « quiche lorraine » and I didn't know there was pork in it. 

    Have you ever seen the Eiffel Tower ?

    No, but I would like to see it. 

    Do you speak French ?

    Yes, a little.

    What surprised you in France ?

    People are very warm, there are traffic rules and people can cross the street and are able to walk a lot. 

    What kind of literature do you like ?

    I like English literature, the classics  and Shakespeare. 

    What type of music do you like ?

    I like classical music, and Tamil music. 

    Thank you Sabrina and welcome here in Rheims.


    Classe de 1èreS1 et E1


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