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  • The following articles were written in October by my 1 EURO students about a visit to René Tys Sports Centre. As the current week is officially our European Week, the timing is perfect !



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  • Winter was a sad and difficult time to go through for everyone in Lycée Marc Chagall. And this blog has had difficulty publishing anything for a few months. But Spring is a positive signal. Let's write, read, laugh, get angry, amused and curious! I'm sure Michèle Sobaszek would have liked it that way.

    Two months ago my 2nde pupils were lucky to experience something different on a Friday morning. Here is what they wrote about it:

    "On Friday I went to visit the cathedral of Reims with my class. A guide showed us various monuents and he delivered explanations to us on their creators, their history and their significance. Among the most famous we saw the Tympanum of the Last Judgement. Finally we were interested in the stained glass windows.

    Personally I appreciated much this school visit despite the cold inside the cathedral." Gaétane.

    SPRING !

    "Last Friday a woman came to talk about the FRAC, an organisation of Modern Art and showed us a video. This video called "Bonneville" is very strange because there is no sound and it's only in black and white. It's a city, but there's nobody in. It's a "ghost city". We saw typical places in the city, like the emergencies, the school, the park. The camera moved like a ghost.

    I liked this hour, although I found this video very long." Alexis.

    SPRING !

    SPRING !

    You may go and find out more about this video and the artist on this website: http://benoit.broisat.free.fr/fr/bonneville.html



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  • After the tragic events that took place in Paris on November 13th, December 9th was the opportunity for our students to stand together and say what important values tolerance, freedom of thought and respect are to them.

    It was the first time the French Ministry of Education had decided to celebrate and honour "Laïcité".  ("secularism" or "secularity" dictionaries tend not to agree on the translation.)

    Some students had learnt by heart an article of the "Charte de la Laïcité" and read it aloud to classes. MANAA (post-ALevels  Design students) had worked on a project to inform everybody on their rights and duties. The result was stunning and effective!

    Here are a few photos to show you what happened that day at Marc Chagall High School, and how involved our students were. 


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  • To know more about Halloween and its history, click on the picture below.

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  • Can you believe it? You've been on holidays for 13 days ! Are you getting bored?

    If so, here is a grammar debate that can keep you busy.

    "Each other" or "one another"? That is the question.

    To help you answer, the British Council is a reliable website:


    Do their exercise, submit your answers and see whether you've grasped their explanations.

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  • On Monday ! Surprise !!! The canteen was displaying a whole range of spices with explanations that I hope you have read. Every day the cook offers us the opportunity to taste something new, recipes imported from countries all over the world : India, Great-Britain, Australia.





    I will not taste all the dishes, but the fish and chips and the hummus have been a delight. Thanks to all the kitchen team for their commitment in this taste-buds-and-mind-opening week. 

    I'm looking forward to Thursday's and Friday's lunches !


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  • A quiz about Autumn in France !




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  • Welcome everyone!

    It's time to meet new friends, new teachers and maybe a new school altogether. I wish you all lots of fun and academic success.




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  • This short story was written by Marie. She didn't give it a title.

    A young and tall girl, with a dark skin, walking on a road. She is alone. She is alone, but she is happy. The hot wind in her face, she thinks about her discussion with Russel. For the first time, the old man talks to her as a woman. It’s his gift for Maya’s 17th birthday.  He wants to tell her who she is.

    This is an old man with a strange look. On his face, we see the passing of time, but he is still a beautiful man. His dark eyes are cheerful like a young boy, and when he smiles we can see some wrinkles around his mouth. Sometimes, he sings in a strange language, a pretty sound for Maya but also incomprehensible.

    She arrives in the entrance of the village, a long road separating the village into two parts. On the right, there is the police station, the church, and some houses, on the left, a pub and many houses. Russel lives behind the church in a little hut, made of wood and metal sheet. It’s not very pretty, but he is happy. Inside, there is the minimum: a sofa which is also a bed, a little table with some chairs, a radio and a kitchenette.

    You know, darling, when I was young, life was not so easy. In the reservation, we weren’t free like now, the government was hard with us, Native Americans says Russel when I was in his little house. I agree with him with a head movement, and he continues to tell his story. At 10, they sent me to a school and to a boarding school. My friend of the tribe and I, we were educated to be like white Americans! They cut my hair, and obliged me to wear shoes… After looking at me, he added: For you, little girl, it’s nothing but at the time and for me, it’s was incomprehensible!

    Daddy Russ’, I just don’t understand… Why have they done that? It’s insane… Our family is proud of his origin and all the history of the Indians! So why did Americans want to destroy us?

    Oh, little girl, you have no idea… After this strange sentence, Russel moved under the hut. The young lady followed him, silently.



    The little city is calm, it’s the end of the day and the sun goes down. We can only hear the sound of a dog, seeing a cat. The old man walk, follow by Maya, asking many questions but he still stay impassible.

    When they arrive at the end of the village, he stop and just say: It’s for that, my little girl, they want that.

    This landscape, impressive by his greatness was the place of many troubles… You know, the Indians were the first inhabitants of the country. However, the new inhabitants want to colonize our area. After many and many fights, they took the power, and decided to control us, they put us in reservation ! Now we live here, and we try again and again to be accepted. But little girl, I’m never gonna leave that.

    In front of them, a lot of huge mountains stand. The height is not the same, but they are majestic. Around, there is nothing, maybe some tree. The last rays of the sunlight light their face, an happy and peaceful face. We can read on their eyes, the determination of saving this origin.



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