My students are definitely pretty much into fashion ! Two groups have chosen to write about it. I don't know whether they're fashion addicts, but they seem to be keen on blue chips ! 


    Baptiste GIABICONI,  when his dream became reality.


           Baptiste was born on the 9th November 1989, in Marignane ( South of France ).  His childhood was not as easy as we may think. 

             He grew up in Corsica, then in Marseille.When he was younger, he was uglier than today. We may think that his beauty quickly opened all doors. But he didn't feel good about himself: his face was marked by puberty. Later, he wanted to take care of himself, in order to become handsome. He decidedto go to the sports club every day. Step by step, he perfected himself. 

              In January 2007, in the corridors of his sports club, in Marseilles, he met a client who advised him to get into the modeling and directed him to a photographer in Marseilles. 

              Baptiste made a photo book, then he moved to Paris to canvass modeling agencies. In 2008, Karl Lagerfeld selected him to become Chanel's new face. 

              In just two years, he became number one male model in the world. Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, L'Officiel ... all the magazines want him and Americans say : ” Baptiste is the most handsome man in France since Alain Delon.” 


    Credits: abaca. http://www.purefans.com/fiche/karl-lagerfeld_e795/medias/baptiste-giabiconi-et-karl-lagerfeld_i257913

      Jeanne, Julie et Sarah.










              Chanel is a French fashion house. Chanel was founded by couturier Gabrielle  CHANEL , Coco . Today  the company is owned by Alain WERTHEIMER and Gerard WERTHEIMER .



              The first Chanel store was opened in Paris in 1909. At the beginning it was a hat store. And  in 1912  Coco CHANEL developed her activities. Then she became more famous thanks to the creation of perfume N°5 in 1921. Indeed she became famous all over the world.

    In 1971 when Coco Chanel died,  Karl LAGERFELD was her successor.


              Today, the turnover has reached 1,8 milliards euros. 






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