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    Last summer I went to the most beautiful country, to Italy, Roma, the capital of this one. I was with my parents, my little brother and my little sister and we stayed two weeks.

    I'd already been in that city three years ago with my school, but personnaly I enjoyed more that second trip because family vacations are totally the best!!! So we left from Reims to go first to Switzerland where we stayed just a night next to Leman Lake. The next day we took the road again, towards Italy!! We went through Milano, Torino, Genova, La Spezia and then we finally arrived in Rome after several hours.

    During these two weeks I visited the famous Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, La Piazza San Pietro and the Basilica in Vatican, and also the Sixtin Chapel. Roma is located not far from the sea, about an hour away, so, with my family, we often went there.

    Being in Italy is a great joy for me, because I have Italian origins and I don't go there often, so it is always a pleasure.

    1 L and S Euros's trips across Europe


    Last time I went to a European country, it was Ireland, with last year's class. We stayed about one week in Dublin where we were welcomed in a host family. The latter was very nice, so nice that the mother agreed to buy a cake for Emma who was celebrating her birthday. Their daughters were kind too. We shared some very good moments like painting on rocks fot the school of the little girl.

    We visited a very little castle called "Goat Castle" where people were acting specific roles like a dentis, a cook, etc. We were back in time ! The whole scenes were actually taking place in the Middle Ages and we were supposed to solve a mystery: the murder of a young lady.

    Then we went to a museum which reconstituted a medieval atmosphere: we could learn about their usual habits. We even tried some clothes on. I think I was dressed like a farmer! In the end there was a workshop where I wrote my name in Viking. 

    After that we did plenty of things, like visiting many facilities. But one that I really remember and I really appreciated was the visit of Crockpark stadium when we tried som Gaelic sports. We were explained some typical activities: some sports could be played with both hands and feet. It was in fact a mix between soccer, basket-ball and other games. Quite unusual!

    Obiously we had some free time when we could buy som stuff: clothes, tea, souvenirs.

    To conclude it was a great trip. It allowed me to create new friendship bonds. This Irish trip will stay marked in everyone's memory, I think. It actually was the best school trip I've ever had, considering all the jokes, the laughters and fun moments we had. Oh, and I was about to forget the Irish dance we attended: at one point it began to be very funny...


    This year we went to Venice, Italy, with Mr Dominé and the Drama section to discover the magic of the water city. We went for 6 days with two days in the sleeping car of a train. This means of transport was really exciting: the warm feeling and the eagerness to seeing Venice created a wonderful adventure! We took a lot of beautiful photos from the train.

    Once at the station after a long night, we entered a vast anthill. We were lost at first because of the confusion of the city with its labyrinth of little streets and waterways. We have buses or the Metro in France, they have the "vaporetto" which is very expensive. Besides Venice is really expensive, with the whopping number of tourists. Tourists (like we were) are so many that Venetian people hate them, hate us. They can't live a day without herds of tourists who make noise, don't respect the city, just take photos and move.

    Yet, that was a wonderful trip in a beautiful city. A good experience, and a place where I'll return alone to appreciate one more time the poetry of Venice.



    I went to Spain last summer, by car with my family. During these holidays I had a lot of fun. I went to Barcelona to see "La Sagrada Familia" that I appreciated because it's a very beautiful monument. I ate in fabulous restaurants, with Spanish specialties. I also went to the beach of this city, because it was very warm. In the same country I went to Madrid, the capital. I visited the Prado Museum, went shopping with my sister to buy souvenirs to my friends.